Mill's End

Mill’s End is the home of a fictional depot and station in the South-East of England.
An exhibitable OO model railway layout available for exhibitions.

THE story

A variety of trains from 1960 to the present day approach through the hillside towards the station, arriving at Mill’s End with freight, DMU and loco-hauled passenger services.

A former stone merchant’s yard now serves as a base for Network Rail’s maintenance fleet; refuelling, servicing and replenishing permanent-way materials.

Shell operates a nearby fuel distribution centre, transferring oil from rail to road, whilst a miscellany of other goods are unloaded across the yard, ready for their onward journey.

Mill’s End is filled with the evocative rumble of a Diesel-heavy depot, thanks to DCC sound-fitted locomotives. Beneath the high street, a working mill stream and lively church are just some of the layout’s many intricacies.

The latest in a succession of layouts spanning over sixty years, this 2012 layout was built by Roy Pearce, lovingly supported by his son and grandson.

Exhibition information

A data sheet of the layout is available below. If you have any booking queries, please contact Thank you.