Silksby Street

Silksby Street depicts an East London industrial scene circa 1960.

The Model

Silksby Street is a OO East London dock scene layout with a twist. To our knowledge it is the first known layout in the UK if not further afield with a moving digital backscene; enabling the setting, period and location of this shunting yard to be varied. Screens mounted flush behind the layout allow animated panoramic scenes to be presented. This adds operational variety, depth and realism to the small yard modelled.

The layout’s modular design also allows key scenic details to be switched out easily to suit changes of location.

With the tap of a button, the yard can be set in the heart of East London, or moved to a dock/canalside, or even further afield to a remote leafy setting, significantly increasing the layout’s operational potential. We can even change scene mid-exhibition.

It is also one of the the first layouts operable from PI Engineering’s RailDriver console, offering increased operating pleasure and realism over standard rotary or push-button controllers.

This 1/76 scale model was built for personal and exhibition use, as a joint father-and-son effort. A selection of industries provide operational variety, including a mill, market, goods sheds and sand drops; each individually rail served.

Exhibition information

A data sheet of the layout is available below. If you have any booking queries, please contact Thank you.